Fast Bud #2 [Fem Auto]


Pack of 7 Seeds in a Breeder Pack

Seed Type – Feminized Autoflower

Grows – Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors

Vigor – Excellent

Feminization Percentage – 99.9% – 99.96

Maturity Time – 56 Days

Yield per Plant – low, medium to high

Average Harvest Height – 40 – 90cm (16 – 36in)

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Fast Bud #2 Auto is a further refinement of Sweet Seeds’ Fast Bud Auto strain. This is a multi-branched plant that develops a high number of budding sites. A relative of the Diesel family of cannabis strains.

Fast Bud #2 Auto is a short plant that grows between 50 and 90 cm. tall. It is a very fast strain to mature and will be ready to harvest in only 7 – 8 weeks from the time of germination of the seeds. This is a Sativa-dominant auto strain that delivers good production indoors at 450 – 500 gr/m2. Growing outdoors will require good exposure to the sun in order to obtain something towards the top of its expected range of 20 – 70 gr/plant. Its very short life cycle makes it a contender for cultivation in very short growing seasons while its compact size and structure allow it to be kept hidden in the garden or even on a balcony where it can be disguised by other plants.

The aroma and taste of this plant’s buds are sweet with some exotic notes provided by its Diesel heritage. Production of THC is rated as high which means a figure between 15 – 20%. The effect is a strong head high that is balanced by the more body-stone effect of the Afghani and Hawaiian genetic background of the strain’s origins.

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Fast Buds #2 COA

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