Gorilla Girl XL [Fem Auto]


Single Seeds

Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto

Seed Type – Feminized Autoflower

Grows – Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors

Vigor – Excellent

Feminization Percentage – 99.9% – 99.96

Maturity Time –63 Days

Yield per Plant – medium to high

Average Harvest Height – 60 – 120cm (24 – 48in)


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Gorilla Girl XL Auto is a larger auto-flowering strain that was created by breeding Gorilla Girl ® with Sweet Gelato Auto ®. It is a Sativa-dominant plant that produces good yields of high THC buds in a short life cycle.

This 6th. generation autocross can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with plants growing between 60 – 120 cm. tall. Outdoor cultivation will result in plants that are towards the higher end of the height range while indoor plants will inevitably be smaller due to their restricted root space. Indoor yields are between 450 – 550 gr/m2 in a 9 week grow cycle. Outdoors each plant can deliver between 50 – 160 gr. The short growing cycle means that this strain will reach maturity even in cooler regions such as northern Europe while those living in warmer climate zones will be able to get two or even three crops a year outdoors.

Buds have oversized calyxes covered in long trichomes exuding loads of resin which cover the calyxes and small bud leaves. Both scent and taste are intensely sweet and fruity with notes of wood, earth, and citrus. THC production is between 18 – 25% with some specimens exceeding that, while CBD is very low at 0.1%. The effect is very potent and the novice smoker should tread carefully.


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