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“We started hundreds of Kona Gold seeds in 2019 and selected ten mothers from those. At the same time, we had started around 50 or so seeds from 2016 that we had made in Oregon, but they were unlabelled.

As they flowered together, we found Oregon seeds to be incredibly resinous and covered in trichs. As such we simply labeled the plant “Oregon Hash Plant”. It smelled like citrus and peppercorns and was so sticky it would linger on our fingers and noses hours after de-leafing or smelling it.

It was clear that the skunky Sativa Kona Gold would make an amazing cross with the fat, fast flowering hash plant. We took the most vigorous male and crossed him with him he selected Kona moms.

The resulting cross has many phenos, ranging from fruit citrus skunk to sweet caryophyllene pepper and everything in between. Very medicinal, anti-anxiety smoke. ”
-Mt Zion Seeds

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