Sweet Skunk [Fem Auto]


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Seed Type: Autoflower

Plant Size: HEAVY

Terpenes: Very sweet with spices and lots of skunk.

Phenos: green phenos.

Seed to Harvest Time: 60 – 70 days.

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3rd Generation autoflowering strain. Sweet Seeds® has created this hybrid as a tribute to this classic and extremely loved family of cannabis.

This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between our Early Skunk elite clone and an autoflowering version of Critical Mass from the Sweet Seeds® R&D Department. The resulting hybrid has been backcrossed twice with the Early Skunk elite clone.

This fast-flowering autoflowering strain is one of the best yielding and most resinous varieties, producing dense buds that get totally covered by trichomes in the final stages of flowering. It features an intense skunk aroma with a very sweet background, scented with hints of spices.