Sweet Cheese [Fem Auto]


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Seed Type: Autoflower

Plant Size: MEDIUM

Terpenes: Sweet, Lemon, Spices, Cheese

Phenos: green phenos

Seed to Harvest Time: 70 – 80 days.

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3rd Generation autoflowering strain. This hybrid is the result of crossing a selected genetic line of Fast Bud Auto® (SWS16) and a Sweet Cheese® (SWS19) elite clone from the Sweet Seeds® R&D Department.

The resulting hybrid was backcrossed twice with the Sweet Cheese® clone in order to establish the Cheese aroma.

This strain produces a long and thick central bud which is very compact and resinous. It has retained the intense and very sweet aroma characteristic of Sweet Cheese®, with matured spicy cheese tones and soft hints of lemon.

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Sweet Cheese Auto COA

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