VRTCL by PCKT Redwoods


The all-new PCKT VRTCL is a slim pen-style vaporizer battery that combines stunning design and next-generation temperature control. With five (5) power modes each indicated by unique LED indicators, you will have no problem finding the right voltage for your concentrates. Powered by a 380mAh High Capacity lithium-ion battery, the VRTCL delivers consistent hits all day long. Compatible with any 510 cartridges, top or bottom airflow. The VRTCL comes with the standard PCKT one-year limited warranty. The VRTCL makes its debut as our take on the pen-style vape battery, offering unrivaled performance, packed into a small compact 510 vaporizer.

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Product Overview

Machined from a solid block

CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, the same material used in airplanes, the VRTCL has the iconic PCKT durability that you have come to know and love. Complex designs are fragile and flimsy. That’s why PCKT chose to keep it simple. With a solid uni-body design derived from the PCKT One Plus, the VRTCL is simple, elegant, and durable.

380mAH Of Pure Power

With a 380mAh High Capacity lithium-ion battery, the VRTCL packs enough power to keep you going all day long. With the second-generation RCKT Chip you also have the option to check your battery level with one (1) click of the function button.

Smarter Power Modes

With their second-generation RCKT Chip, they’ve improved power output and delivery to make it more efficient and precise than ever before. Five (5) power modes allow users to choose the best voltage for their concentrates to achieve a more full terpene profile and cannabinoid release. Delivering powerful hits that don’t compromise flavor, the VRTCL bakes your concentrates, never burns.

Top and Bottom Airflow Cartridges

Now with a wider 12 mm chamber, the new VRTCL works with all top and bottom airflow 510 cartridges. The VRTCL works with brands like CCell, iKrushers, Smiss, and many more.

Package Contents

PCKT VRTCL, USB Type-C Cable, Warranty Card, and Manual.